Sage Communication Management is a small consulting firm specializing in environmental, risk and crisis communication.

SageCM is a communication management company. Communication management means we maintain an active role in programs where our clients are involved in communities, and where environmental projects are continually moving forward. Maintaining a communication presence throughout a project allows the program to be altered “on-the-fly” if situations or conditions require. We design communication programs that allow for just this kind of flexibility.

SageCM also specializes in preparing clients for communicating effectively in a crisis. While there is no absolute list of potential crises, there is a solid background that every organization needs to be able to communicate well in a crisis. Note that Crisis Communication is but one critical element in any organization's integrated crisis management plan. A good crisis response can be turned sour by inadequate communication, and beautiful crisis communication will falter if the actual technical response is lacking.

We are smart, adaptable, and focused on our client’s needs. We understand regulatory requirements, and are comfortable working with private companies, government regulators, the media, communities, and elected officials. We are not constrained geographically.






Sage:  Committed to our clients and their communities.

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