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Crisis Communication

We cannot control what happens to us, only how we react when it happens.

SageCM assists clients as they prepare for or respond to a crisis. We encourage our clients to plan and prepare, because experience shows the best way to handle a crisis is to anticipate and practice.

Corporate longevity relies on consistency, service and results. SageCM understands the need for an integrated response to any crisis, therefore, SageCM encourages all clients (public, private, and non-profit) to consider a full strategic crisis management structure. Part of such a structure is crisis communication. Alone, it can help.  However, when good crisis communication is backed by solid crisis management, the response and public perception of it are far better. This results in a much better and more complete recovery.

Recent Experience

Agricultural Chemical Company
Issue: In the early evening of Memorial Day, a warehouse in a small town caught fire, sending thick smoke over part of the nearby town.  The warehouse was full of seed and pesticides owned by the client.
Solution: SageCM supported the client with a communication strategy for the incident, public information, media contacts and follow-up, as well as media training for the on-site representative.  Media in the county, as well as in the nearby cities of Memphis and Little Rock, were notified.  Television and newspapers reported the story, focusing on the facts

Lubricant Manufacturing Company
Issue: Small company embarking on crisis management planning.
Solution: SageCM assisted company leadership as they began the process of developing an integrated crisis management plan.

Non-Profit Environmental Advocacy Group
Issue: A regional environmental non-profit organization was suffereing from overt and subversive image/reputation slander.
Solution: SageCM was callued upon to prepare an outreach campaign to counter these attacks. Our goals were two-fold: increase membership base during negative campaign and improve/repair relationships with major donors, who were often the target audience for subversive messages.

Chemical Manufacturing Company
Issue: Events at several facilities, as well as the disasters of 9/11/01, led this company to realize its need to respond adequately to a crisis. While individual facilities had local emergency plans, their corporate organization had no plan for managing such events.
Solution: SageCM worked with company leaders and attorneys to develop a Crisis Communication Plan. The plan was designed to guide company decision-makers through the first 24 hours of an event. Plan focused on maintaining appropriate division of responsibilities and provided clear guidance for communications.