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     Environmental Communication

SageCM personnel have worked for years communicating technical environmental issues to communities around the country. Our strength lies in a combined background in both communication sciences and environmental sciences. With such diverse training, Sage personnel can “talk the talk” with engineers, regulators, and health officials. We can also “translate” that technical and risk information for the person on the street.


SageCM provides technical environmental understanding and communications expertise for environmental programs, from the simple to the highly complex.

° public awareness campaigns
° hazardous waste cleanups
° corporate environmental initiatives
° risk communication

Recent Experience

U.S. Army facility
Issue: In accordance with its obligations, this Army facility needed to determine the need for a community-based advisory board.
Solution: SageCM worked through the Army's remediation contractor to survey the surrounding communities. SageCM prepared, distributed and analyzed surveys sent to over two thousand addresses.
Public meeting at site of hazardous waste cleanup.
Manufacturing Company
Issue: Client closed an old facility, wanting to turn the property over to the local community for redevelopment. Environmental investigations, required for transfer, revealed soil and groundwater contamination. Contaminated groundwater extended under a nearby neighborhood. No one is at risk from the contamination.
Solution: SageCM managed the project’s ongoing communication program, informing area residents and community leaders about the investigation and its findings. Goals were to reassure the community that their health is not impacted, and to see that the community’s concerns are addressed by the client and state environmental agency. Communication program included public meetings (formal and informal), information sheets/newsletters, direct outreach with individual citizens and groups, communication with media, and crisis communication planning.

Chemical Manufacturing Company
Issue: Client required to perform soil removal activities at a former facility, now surrounded by residential areas in a major metropolitan area.
Solution: SageCM prepared and provided a communication program specific to this community. We researched the local community, including interviews with community leaders, and provided detailed information to approximately 900 nearby residents and businesses in two languages. SageCM prepared client for media inquiry. These activities were well received by community leaders and state environmental agency.